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Warp is Tasmania's only street magazine covering what's current, who's touring, the latest news and album reviews as well as what's happening in the amazing club and arts scene within Tasmania.

We gather for the 16 - 39 demographic found in urban areas across Tasmania.

Our readers are your audience. They appreciate your quality goods and services. Associate your brand with Warp to benefit from our reach into this audience.

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Our Distribution

Our Distribution

5000 copies of Warp are distributed in Hobart and Launceston. Music venues, record stores, quality cafes, all your favourite haunts are where we have handpicked them to be delivered.


The Massive Growth of Warp

Warp launched in February 2011 with 5000 copies being distributed to 200 locations across Tasmania. Each month we evaluate every distribution point and re-distribute magazines according to demand on each location. Our aim is to have every magazine accounted for and in the hands of readers. As advertisers, you're paying for readership.


ONLY street magazine in Tasmania.

Since May 2012, Warp is now the ONLY street magazine in Tasmania. We are the only option to reach young Tasmanians on a street level.




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Quarter Page
Quarter page
Half Page
Bastard Half

Full Page
Full page
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Full page
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$350 + gst
$250 + gst

$200 + gst

$350 + gst
$450 + gst

$600 + gst
$500 + gst

$700 + gst




Art Deadline

June 27
July 25
August 24
September 26
October 24
November 21

Publish Date

July 4
August 1
August 29
October 3
October 30
November 28


Providing Art

Visuals must always be delivered in a CMYK colour format. All imagery / artwork must be at least 300dpi.

Please export all artwork WITHOUT trim marks.

All ads must be sent to ‘Warp Magazine’ in a digital format electronically (email or FTP). The preferred format for final artwork is PDF.Email artwork to: ads@warpmagazine.com.au

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